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How to Get Published in the Small Press

It was an exhilarating feeling to reach the end of Of Blood and the Moon and type the words, The End, in 2008.
I wanted to get people to read my book right away, and tell me how much they enjoyed my story. But I did not know what to do next, how to go from being and unpublished writer to being a published author.
The first thing I did was look at several different websites-and even Google-to find ways to get the book published. There were several options to get my written word out there for the world to see, everything from New York publishers that required you to have an agent to self-publishing companies that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Then I eventually stumbled upon the best way for me. What I found was a wonderful middle ground between those options: submitting my book to small publishing houses. It would not cost me anything, and they did not require me to have an agent to submit to them. I submitted my work right away, and right away received a whole lot of rejection letters from them.
The truth was that my work was a complete mess and nowhere near ready to be published. I was like a blind man feeling my way around a cluttered room. I made several mistakes trying to learn how things were done to get a book published. After months of research, experimentation and a lot of failure, I learned the process that several other writers and I have used to submit their written word to small presses. This will help…

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