Book Report On The Book ' I 'm Hungry ' Essay

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A jab to Blaine 's back sent him stumbling forward, bumping into Kurt, the food squishing between their chests.

"Sorry, dude," a voice behind Blaine said.

Blaine stepped back and started in horror at the kebab sauce oozing down Kurt 's shirt. "Sorry. I 'm so sorry. A guy bumped into me."

Kurt glanced down at his shirt. "It 's fine, Blaine. This shirt is last season. Let 's eat. I 'm hungry. Besides, you got yourself,

Several splotches of sauce now decorated his shirt and tie. With the way the night had gone, a little sauce didn’t rate very high on his list of concerns. He sat down and took a big bite. "This is excellent. I’m going to have to come back."

"They travel around the city," Kurt said. "You can check their facebook page for where they 're going to be and what trucks are planning on showing."

Blaine sipped his margarita. "Wow, there 's a lot of tequila in this."

Kurt took a drink. “Yeah there is. Apparently, I’m trying to get you drunk and take advantage of you,” he said with a laugh.

"You don 't need to get me drunk and it wouldn 't be taking advantage of me. But maybe we can discuss it if we have a second date?”

"I keep that in mind."

Hope fluttered in Blaine 's chest. Kurt hadn 't outright said no to the possibility of a second date.

They finished the food and tossed the trash. Kurt held Blaine 's hand as they walked towards the theater.

"I haven 't seen Rocky at The Mystic before. How dressed up does everyone get?" Kurt asked.

"There 's a live cast,…

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