Book Report On Scout 's Scout Essay

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2. At the beginning of the story, we learn that Scout goes through many difficulties while growing up. They referred to her as a “tomboy” which means doing things that only “boys” would do. Scout is the opposite of a girl, does not act like a girl, and does whatever she can do to be as if she were a boy. She acts like a boy mainly because Scout is surrounded by boys in the neighborhood, especially since her brother Jem is always with his sister and with his all of his friends. This ends up influencing Scout around all those boys at once causing her to act like a boy. She also ends up playing games that usually boys only play but that is what she is surrounded with so that is part of her natural intention. It was hard for her because since she acted like a boy and many people talked about how she should be what she is which is a girl and was made fun of at certain points by her peers. It made life more difficult for her to do the things that she wanted because everyone was reminding her how girls are supposed to act and not do these types of things.

3. Atticus ends up becoming involved in controversy because he decides to defend Tom, a young black man, causing others to think Atticus is a traitor since they hate black people. Although he taught his children to never discriminate black people no matter what and he wanted to show them to believe in whatever they want, but always fight for it. Atticus was a good man trying to change the way African Americans were treated in…

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