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The book of Esther has a more profound meaning than that of a young girl who becomes queen. The story shows a brave young girl who is willing to sacrifice her life to save her people, from what seems an inevitable genocide. As a result of the book of Esther’s complexity I will use summary, irony, and compare and contrast to further understand the selection of Esther (Esther 2:1-18) and the ruin of Haman as Mordecai rises to power (Esther 6:1-13). Aside from the three tools I will be using, the 3 world mythology is also significant in trying to understand the two scenes in the book of Esther. The significant of both scenes and of the rest of the book of Esther lies in the belief that God has a purpose as well as his presence in our everyday …show more content…
His father (Darius) had tried to defeat the Greeks and once he failed it was up to Ahasuerus to continue his father’s desire to rule over Greece. King Ahasuerus also known as King Xerxes began riots in Babylon when he decided to raise taxes. As a result of the riots he responded by capturing the statue of Marduk and melting it for its gold. The Persian Empire began to form around 522 B.C. it consisted of various providences that had been established by Darius, as shown in Atlas of Empires “Darius realized that if the Empire were to work, it needed efficient organization. He divided it into 29 satrapies, or providences, each paying a fixed rate of tribute to Persia.” The Persian Empire soon took over Babylon and had plans to continue conquering nearby empires. His desire to conquer the Greeks caused many problems for the Persian Empire since the need of a strong army meant having to raise taxes; areas such as Egypt responded negatively to the Persian …show more content…
Haman was forced to honor the one man he hated and as Haman fell Mordecai rose. A contemporary world example of this type of irony can be depicted in various Hollywood movies such as Forrest Gump, The Princess Diaries, and Harry Potter. These movies portray ordinary people who have been made fun of or neglected by others yet they become heroes. These movies show the ability for someone so ordinary to become someone who will touch the lives of millions. That is the case for Forrest Gump, even though he was just a small town boy he went on to change the history of the United

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