Analysis Of Chris Mccandless 'Death Of An Innocent'

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The movie Into the Wild as well as the story Death of an Innocent tells the exciting, yet questionable adventure of Chris Mccandless, who left his family, home, and money to separate himself from society and to live the life he wanted. His parents, Walt and Billie McCandless set him up for an impressive, promising life, but Chris took this promising, successful future and spun it into an unnecessary, dangerous journey which led him to his desperate death. Chris’s decision to go on this journey and the unwise decisions he made along this journey are essentially what make him not only selfish, but foolish as well. At the end of the movie Into the Wild, I was left thinking that the tragedy of Chris’s needless death and all the pain that he …show more content…
In the movie Into the Wild Chris said “how important it is in not life necessarily to be strong but feel strong.” His decision was the opposite of his quote because if he was strong or felt strong, he should’ve faced his problems instead of pursuing his foolish decision, which was leaving society. In addition, he gave a bad message to all teenagers. His actions showed that leaving the society is a way to solve problems, though that is the exact opposite of reality. For example, you have an internal problem in your home. Do you think that running away from your home will help or benefit you in any way? We all encounter hardships and crises, but that doesn’t make it okay to throw away all the good things you have in life. Aside from that, another factor which convinced me to believe Chris was foolish, and selfish was his willingness to disappear from his family because of his own adventurous desires. Chris’s unwillingness to stay connected to the world ultimately costed him his his life at a young age. He should’ve listened to others, been more cautious of what he was getting himself into, and been more aware of the feelings of the important people in his

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