Boo Radley's Trial Book Report

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After the trial, Maycome starts to settle back down, but Ewell is still mad. It was obvious that even though Tom was sent to jail, Ewell’s story was not the true events that transpired. Ewell wants to settle the score. He did this by spooking Judge Taylor and “chunking” Helen. But Ewell was once again put in his place by Mr. Link. The Halloween season had come the Maycome, and spooks were arisen. Spooks like the wicked children who snuck into Misses Tutti and Frutti’s house and hid all their furniture in their basement. Halloween not only brought spooks, but a school pageant as well. Scout participated as pork, her cue was when Mis. Merriweather said “Pork,” she walked onstage left and began to sing with an assortment of other food. Scout was excited for her family to see her, but found out that she would be performing without them, but was at least escorted by Jem. The night of the pageant came and on the walk to the school Jem and Scout thought of old times and suspicions, they knew that no one would bothering the Radley house on such a spooky night. It was much darker than they had anticipated, so they were walking in the pick blackness with no flashlight. Cecil leaped out of the darkness at them, but it took a second for Scout and Jem to identify him. After they got over …show more content…
Atticus refused to believe that Ewell had killed himself, he was convinced that Jem had done the deed, but there was proof. Ewell was found face down dead, he had fallen on the knife. Heck, a Maycome sheriff swore that there was no way the Jem could have killed Ewell. After all was settled Scout took Boo to visit Jem as he slept, before he left. Then like a true gentleman Boo took Scout by the arm and she led him home. When she got back the house was quiet and she found her father in Jem’s bedroom reading. Scout fell asleep as Atticus read The Gray Ghost to her. She was awoken only to be brought into her own room by

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