Bonnie And Clyde Film Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The style of jump cuts is seen sporadically through out the movie. The first time is from the start, when Bonnie is at her house, bored and roaming around her room naked. As Bonnie lies down on her bed, a jump cut occurs and she is suddenly banging on the metal frame of her bed. Penn uses the jump cut technique to take away time that is pointlessly and slowly passing by, as well as to show the boredom of Bonnie Parker. Another place was on the scene where Clyde was wrestling the butcher man from the market, and they ended up falling on top of some boxes and groceries. As Clyde and the Butcher Man attempt to stand back up, the scene automatically jumps from being on the floor, to Clyde standing up and running out of the store, on his way. Jump cuts are noticeably used throughout the movie and are there to strengthen certain tones, which scenes are trying to portray and aware the audience of what is going …show more content…
The best example is at the very end of the film when Bonnie and Clyde are trapped and meet their final end. On their way from leaving the town center, they run into C.W.’s papa Ivan Moss out on the road. During the entire ride from the market place, Clyde is driving while Bonnie is eating an apple and sharing it with him. When the duo sees Ivan Moss stranded by the roadside, they park their vehicle and Clyde walks over to help Moss. Seconds after, right before another car is about to cross paths with them, Ivan turns suspicious and as he looks around, black crows fly out of the bushes, Ivan runs under his truck to duck, and Bonnie and Clyde realize that there is someone in the bushes and that their ends had finally come as they attempt to run to each other and be together once more before they breathe their last breaths. That scene begins with long length shots of medium close-ups which show them just driving down happily, not much going on. Moving forward to the end of the scene, their bodies are completely being shot at all over, and the entire scene is all being played by a series of several medium long, medium close up, and a couple of long shots. Combining those series of shots and by making them fast-paced short length shots, Penn was able to create an intense edit to enhance the violence, making one feel as if they were there first hand to witness it themselves and giving the viewer a full and thorough understanding and perspective. Again, clearly setting the intense and dramatic tone of the story for that particular

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