Boko Haram And A Peaceful Religious Group Essays

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I. So do you guys remember Kony2012? Bet you haven’t heard that name in a while. While noble in its goals, it had a major flaw. It oversimplified the issue and focused on the obvious eg killing kids is bad. That is a mistake I will strive not to make today while I am talking about the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.
II. A specific set of religious and economic factors allowed Boko Haram to develop from a semi-peaceful religious group to what it is today.
III. I’ll first give you an idea of what religious and economic problems are in Nigeria then go on to explain the development of Boko Haram.
I. To completely understand any conflict it is vital for us to know the broader circumstances surrounding it.
Nigeria is situated on the cultural border between the Christian and Muslim worlds. The North is mostly Muslim while the South is predominantly Christian. 1. According to the CIA Factbook (2015) 50% of Nigeria is Muslim, while 40% are
Christian. The other 10% Follow indigenous religions. 2. The CIA factbook also states Sharia law is practiced in all 12 Muslim majority states in the north. While no form of it exists in the south (2015). B. Nigeria is not only split down religious lines, but economic as well. 1. According the same CIA numbers, Nigeria is the largest African economy with 95% of its exports consisting of petroleum and petroleum products(2015). 2. Stuart…

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