Bodybuilding Popularity Has Increased Over The Years Essay

1350 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
Let’s start off by first understanding what a bodybuilder is, and who fits in the category. Now a bodybuilder isn’t only just an individual who uses weighted resistance to build and develop his/her musculature frame. People always seem to measure down a bodybuilder being a well-proportioned individual with extraordinary muscle definition, but that is not the case. Anyone that is enhancing his/her body to increase performance is a “bodybuilder”. Although reality never sets in does it? So when the word bodybuilder comes up we think of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. He paved the way for bodybuilding and the “lifestyle” it is today. Bodybuilding popularity has increased over the years. Everyone wants to become the biggest and strongest, but what does it take to reach that level of greatness? Nutrition is the number one factor before anything else, which includes lifting weights, cardio, etc. Without the proper nutritional intake your body cannot grow and or perform without its’ daily needs, which double the average MyPlate dietary intake. You would like to consider the top bodybuilders from 1970 through 2016 would look similar, but there are vast differences. The nutritional intake has changed, and the way of eating has changed as well (What The Heck, 2003). Additionally, the new error focuses on a low nutrient and high in calorie and fat diet called “bulking”. Bulking is the new trend that every “bro” follows to obtain the mass muscular stature. Nutritional value is pushed…

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