Blindness : Oedipus, Blindness, And Blindness Essay

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Blindness can be classified as either physical or intellectual blindness, both of these are significantly important and can have a great impact on an individual’s life. In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, blindness is the main theme that revolves around the characters in the play. The theme is conveyed as an idea that it is not the eyesight itself, but the insight that holds the key to the truth. “…You mock my blindness, do you? / But I say that you, with both your eyes, are blind” (Scene I, 400-401). This is a powerful yet contradicting quote which questions the idea of being blind while having the ability to see. It metaphorically expresses that even though one may have eyes, they may be blind to the truth. Oedipus Rex is qualified as a great example of the theme sight vs. blindness. The journey of Oedipus’ life is based on the fact that sight does not necessarily comes along with the vision, as the insight leads to the truth and also that blindness plays a significant role in a person’s life.
To begin with, sight does not come with a mere set of eyes. This metaphor refers to a sightless man who sees all in contrast to a man who is rich with vision yet sees nothing of his own life. First of all, in spite of being physically blind Teiresias has the aptitude to “see” metaphorically. The continuous metaphor of blindness is seen at the beginning when Teiresias has been asked to give his statement about the murder of King Laius. After being compelled to speak his mind, he…

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