Blaise Pascal 's Basic Belief Essay

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Blaise Pascal’s basic belief was that all people have to just take a 50/50 wager for the existence of God. His claim comes from his belief that there is no reasonable way to support either side of the argument about the existence of God. Although Blaise Pascal was a brilliant French philosopher, mathematician and physicist, his claim that there is no creditable evidence to support a reasonable belief about God is not completely correct. It is just an easy way to completely avoid an intelligent quest of the existence of God. We can see clear proof for both the true existence of God and thus proof that Blaise Pascal was incorrect. One such way to provide rational evidence for the existence of God is the Moral Argument for God’s existence as it is presented by C.S. Lewis. The most powerful support that C. S. Lewis offers for the belief of God is The Moral Argument.
The moral argument begins with the recognition that all people have a basic idea or understanding the so called “right and wrong ways to act” and he takes this as his starting point for the argument. Although the exact term of the basics of how all people should conduct themselves has been debated and changed throughout history Lewis coined the term as The Moral Law. This claim that all people have a basic understanding about the right thing to do could be considered an assumption but it is commonly accepted as a truth because people recognize that they aware of right and wrong.
In the first step of Lewis 's moral…

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