Blackistone's Article: Racism Not The Bigest Problem In Football

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Some people in today’s society believe that discriminatory behaviors are a thing of the past; however, this is not true. Unfortunately, there will be people who blindly discriminate others for the purpose of feeling superior and remain ignorant. One major area that continues to discriminatory opinions is the world of sports, specifically professional sports; however, there are differing opinions on the type of discrimination that is most prevalent. Discrimination based on ethnic background and sexual orientation has been a major problem in society. The sports world is one area that has been impacted by this issue and needs to be solved for athletes of these sports leagues. Kevin B. Blackistone’s article, Cam Newton and the Long History …show more content…
In Charles Ramsey’s article, Racism Not the Biggest Problem in Football, he talks about other important issues that are not being taken seriously in the sports world. Charles Ramsey, an African American soccer coach in the English Premier league, writes about how homophobia and sexism is a more apparent issue than racism in sports. He talks about how women are not getting the chance in soccer league. Specifically, Ramsey says, “women are not getting a fair run and that there is still a stigma about female officials and coaches” (Ramsey). There is clearly a lot of sexism in sports, especially predominantly male sports. People do not believe females have the ability to coach or officiate the games. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed by the head of some leagues and letting more females into these positions. He also discusses the homophobia that teams and leagues have towards athletes coming out about being gay. He states in his article that, “Gay footballers are too scared to come out in public because of the bigotry and discrimination they fear they face.” Within the past two decades, only one football player has publicly come out about him being gay and he later committed suicide in 1998. His reason for him committing suicide was because of the way people treated him after announcing his sexual orientation. Throughout this article Ramsey makes very interesting and important remarks on why racism is not the biggest problem in sports. Instead, Ramsey argues, sexism and homophobia should be dealt with to ensure fair treatment in an athlete 's ability to compete and a

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