Black 's Anatomy, Struggles With Alcohol Addiction And Abuse Essay examples

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Richard Webber, from the ABC hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, struggles with alcohol addiction and abuse (Ksir & Hart, 2015) throughout the first six seasons of the show. While Dr. Webber’s alcohol abuse is never outwardly shown throughout the first few seasons, there are mentions of the damage it has caused in the past. These consequences include, troubles at work, family struggles and much more. It is stated that Dr. Webber has a tendency to relapse into his addiction whenever he is faced with intense emotional strife or stress.
Dr. Webber’s alcohol abuse is finally shown on screen within the sixth season of the show. Richard faces a series of regrets over an affair, a decline in his wife’s health, and struggles at work. As the chief of surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital, Dr. Webber feels stretched thin between atoning for his guilt, taking care of his wife, looking after his Ex’s daughter (a resident in the program- Meredith Grey), and running his hospital to the best of his ability. All of this combined with Dr. Webber’s history with alcohol place him at risk for alcohol abuse (Ksir & Hart, 2015). At the beginning of his relapse, Dr. Webber’s coworkers assume he is having an affair due to his strange and uncharacteristic behaviors, including: anxiety, depression, paranoia, irritability, lying, and incoherent behaviors. After much speculation from his loved ones, however, it is discovered that he has in fact relapsed, and his behaviors are symptoms of chronic…

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