Black Women 's Influence On African American Women Essay

1904 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 8 Pages
Since the beginning of time, African American women have been seen as a valuable piece of property. Their masters sexually exploited black slave women because it was part of their job. If they refused the come on from the master, the women would be beat or raped and in some cases, both would happen. Black women had to be the nurturing type to the slave owner’s children, including and not limited to breastfeeding the newborns, cooking and cleaning and not being in the fields with the rest of the slaves. These women were called “mammies”, a maid or nanny in charge of the master’s children. During my research, I also found that some enslaved women were apart of a group called “Jezebels”. White men would rape these “jezebels” as many as three or four times a day and when the women said they were raped, the white men would say that the women were promiscuous. In my paper, I am going to go into detail about the physical make up of the Black female body, the struggles women faced then and is still facing now in the 21st century, Black women changing many industries and how white women are now imitating Black women, and how Black women today see themselves. One of the most famous cases of African American women being exploited is Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman. Saartjie Baartman was apart of the Khoikhoi tribe in South Africa who would become known as “The Hottentot Venus”. Baartman was misled by William Dunlop to travel with him to multiple cities across Europe; Baartman wanted to…

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