Black Studies : African American Education Essay

1721 Words Feb 4th, 2015 null Page
There are many concepts discussed within Dr. Maulana Karenga’s book Introduction to Black Studies, but I will be thoroughly discussing Black Studies as a discipline, Black Liberation Theology, Black Womanist Theology, Religious Thrusts, the wealth and income and its influence on political empowerment, the reversal of ghettoization problem, economic and political empowerment of African Americans, Black on Black crime, Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, and Psychopathic Personality (2010). Fundamentally, I will discuss the challenges Black Studies creates for the traditional American education. Black Studies challenges the traditional education in every way. It challenges the fact that all knowledge is based on one particular race—White. Most of the history of inventions are claimed to be founded by White people, and one Black Studies responsibilities is to correct the fact that not all inventions came from White people and that have in fact claimed inventions that they are not responsible for. Many African Americans have contributed to an abundant amount of disciplines, and have been discredited along the way. Not only does Black Studies challenge the racial focus and exclusion of Blacks—as I have already stated—it also challenges the irrelevance of the education (Karenga, 2010). The traditional American education does not provide its learners with an education that will be useful in their lifetime. Instead of teaching important characteristics such as, leadership, equality,…

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