Black Rain By Masui Ibuse Essays

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In Black Rain, Masui Ibuse not only portrays the horror of what it was like to be at Hiroshima on August, 6 of 1945, but he exposes the heart of Japanese culture that surrounds the bombing and its after effects. Ibuse makes the event a tragedy, yet he is not interested in pointing fingers, but rather simply portraying what the Japanese citizen had to endured. The characters in the novel were unflappable and went on about their daily living as best they could. On August 6, 1945 a particularly destructive bomb is dropped and obliterated an entire city. After surviving the initial blast and chaos from the atomic bomb, Shigematsu was left with a sense of confusion and uncertainty. As he stepped out into the streets, he experienced the horror of war as he described in one of his journal entry. “There was not one of them who was not bleeding. They bled from the head, from the face, from the hands… any place from which it was possible to bleed”(Ibuse 44). He continues with a vivid description of the suffering that went on around him. “One woman, her cheeks so swollen that they drooped on either side in heavy pouches... A man without a stitch of clothing on came jogging along… another carrying a baby in her arms, crying, “Water! Water!” and constantly wiping at the baby’s eyes between her cries” (44). The passage goes on and on with description of multiple victims in agony. Throughout the novel, there are a lot of scenes and descriptions that is similar to that of page 44.…

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