Black Middle Class Students With Disabilities Essay

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Sociology concepts help to address race inequalities in education among black middle-class students with disabilities. This work reviewed the article “Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and the Primacy of Racism: Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in Education,” written by David Gillborn. The article was published in Qualitative Inquiry in 2015. The author completes a research with parents of middle-class families in the United Kingdom. Specifically, it addresses the issue of black middle-class children with disability and how the parents are involved in getting their children assessed by the school. The analysis focuses on scrutinizing race, class, gender and disability in education through the support of the Critical Race Theory. The results show how these elements help to demonstrate the segregation that educational institutions execute with children who have specific needs and evidence of injustices and neglect that modern institutions perform against youths with disabilities. The article interests me because it talks about the intersectionality of people with disability in relation to their education. As a social worker, it is my interest and responsibility to work with diverse groups with different needs and who are marginalized and oppressed by society.
The article addresses racism and race as issues that are unpopular at the moment. There are different opinions about how to address racism and race. In one hand, the scholars argue that the…

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