Black Masculinity In Rap

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Masculinity, especially black masculinity, is portrayed in every rap and hip-hop song. Rap artist mostly portray hegemonic masculinity, or appear to be hypermasculine. Hypermasculinity is defined as the exaggeration of male behavior with an emphasis on physical strength, aggression, and sexuality. Major aspects portrayed in hip-hop and rap music are drugs, weapons, and sexual power. These three aspects form hypermasculinity, and are all in rap and hip-hop songs. Drugs are crucial to the function of the rap and hip-hop industry. “The dangerous side of drugs is often celebrated by hypermasculine men as a way to demonstrate fearlessness and self-control.” (Baker-Kimmons & McFarland 9) Many artist are open with their use of drugs and the specific …show more content…
Sexual power is portrayed in lyrics and in music videos. In most songs, especially new songs, there are references to how men use women for their personal pleasure. Women are also present in every single rap or hip-hop music video, and in most cases are in a bikini or less. To add to the limited wardrobe of women, they are usually dancing and shaking their buttocks. “Rappers and other men are able to show how masculine they are by distancing themselves from femininity.” (Baker-Kimmons & McFarland 10) Hypermasculinity is far different from the feminism showed by women in music videos, which creates a huge gender gap. This gender gap makes hypermasculine men be perceived as even more masculine, and vice versa for women. “In order to further their distance from women, they often dehumanize them by calling them names such as bitch, ho, puta, and hyna.” (Baker-Kimmons & McFarland 10) Altogether, the gender gap created makes men seem even more masculine, which is exactly what men desire. The more masculine a man seems, the more power and respect he receives. Drugs, weapons, and sexual power over women all lead to hypermasculinity within men, and is directly correlated to the rap and hip-hop industry. All three of these aspects of hypermasculinity are present in the rap and hip-hop industry, and are interwoven into every song. Without the presence of these three aspects of hypermasculinity, the rap

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