Essay on Black Like Me, By John Howard Griffin Titling

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John Howard Griffin titling this novel Black Like Me is inappropriate, even including the content covered by the experiment in the book. When Griffin undergoes his chemical treatments, to darken his skin, he becomes black physically. This causes him to be treated in the same manner as the "true" blacks, but even though Griffin is slandered, slated, and abused just as much, he is still mentally a white, degrading the effectiveness of the title and the experiment because his views are corrupted through a lifetime of living as a member of the so-called superior race, even though he believes himself not to be racist.
As the title, Black Like Me, denotes; John Howard Griffin becomes a black man and lives as a Negro among Negroes. "Within a short time he lapsed into familiarity... illusion of my Negro-ness took over so completely. . ." (Griffin 24). He is mistreated like a black; and slated, abused, and slandered like a black, " 'Ain 't no way you can get away from me, Mr. Shithead. You might as well stop there '" (Griffin 34). Throughout the entire book, Griffin struggles as a black man, which creates a very literal and appropriate title. On the other hand, there can be a deeper connotational meaning interpreted from the title. Because racism is immoral and unethical, and black is considered an impure color; the title may have referred to racism and how all of the whites, Griffin included, were racist to a certain degree. Griffin has many experiences in the book where he is…

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