Essay on Black Is Not Black?

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“Being Black”
What is someone’s first thought when asked what “black” is? Would they think strictly of the actual color? This is probably what most people think of first. Now if they were asked what “being black” is, what comes to their mind? No one is going to think, “Well there’s no way someone can be a color.” This is because when dealing with the term “being black”, the actual color is left out and black becomes a whole different connotation. See, many people may say being black is just being dark-skinned or is another way of saying that someone is African American. On the contrary, being black encompasses a lot more than just that definition. Ever since Africans first came to America as slaves, the term being black has evolved and changed throughout American history. In America, being black has become a label used to relate the stereotypes of African Americans to whoever is being or not being black.
Although this label is used by most, if not all of America, the youth is seen exploiting it more. Like mentioned earlier, they use it in about every aspect of their lives. Many examples can be used, one being music. There is a generalization in the young community that listening to hip hop and rap songs is a “black thing”. Country music is a style that black people are believed to stay away from. So, if someone listens to rap a lot, they are considered being black in that aspect. However if they are a fan of country music, they are considered as not being black.…

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