Black English And African American English Essay

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Did you know that Black English or African American Venicular Englsih was born by a combination of Africans grammar and what they heard from the White Europeans. Many believe that black english is wrong and it is slang, but in reality the black language is right. Black english is wright because it has its own history, grammar, phonology, lexicon, and intonation. First, I will talk about the history of African American English. African American english is also called Ebonics. Some scholars believe that the black language was developed out of the contact between speakers of west african languages and speakers of standard english. According to taylor, that as many as 400 languages were spoken by blacks and were brought from Africa and as a result many of the pronunciations and expressions used by Africans today are extensions of these native tongues (Green). Another belief is that while Africans were on the english plantations in the southern states they developed the language from native speakers or known as the indentured servants. Others say that they gained the process through second language according to the article AAVE: A Language History Lesson. Second, I will discuss about the grammar in African english. In African english and in standard english there is a slight difference of grammar (Hana). One example, is that in standard english in the sentence “He has been married” and then in African english is “He been married”. we can see that in the African grammar that…

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