Black Dahli Gender Roles Essay

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The first concept from chapter 3 that can be related to Blue Dahlia is gender roles. Gender roles are the sets of expected behaviors associated with males and females—communicated by society and the family. Stella pointed out early in the book that she relied on Kevin for help around the home. When something was broke, Kevin fixed it. She felt that the only time something needed repaired was when Kevin went away and all she could do was wait. Her role was to cook, clean, and care for the boys. Kevin’s role was to provide for the family and complete tasks that were too hard or were too much work for Stella. Women are typically responsible for light work and caring for others due to their compassionate personalities. Men are usually more equipped for hard work and providing for their families. Another character who portrayed a typical gender role was Hayley. She was a new mom therefore her role was to nurture and care for her baby. The character that didn’t possess a typical gender role was David. Even Stella assumed from the minute she met him, that he was gay. David cared for Roz and her home. He was more of a caretaker which would typically be considered a woman’s job. Dating is the second concept that can be applied from chapter 7. Dating is when two people, meet at an agreed upon time and place to participate in a social activity. “Dating fulfills a number of important functions in people’s lives.” (Kunz, page 117) Dating allows people to have fun spending time…

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