Essay on Black And Black American Studies

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As the requests for Black programs in schools are increasing, so have new methods for how to teach Black history; one method that is being considered is to regress to traditional teaching styles. At the Afro-American studies conference in Atlanta, Drimmer proposed that “a track system... for Whites and Blacks, possibly with White instructors teaching the Whites and the Black instructors teaching the Blacks” would be required (441). Although this suggestion caused a turmoil among the audience, it brought up an unmentioned viewpoint to the Afro-American subject: “blacks and whites bring various levels of awareness and knowledge” (Drimmer 441). As new generations of races are developing, so are new beliefs that are leading families to accommodate their anecdotes and behavior to coincide with their beliefs. Considering the Whites in Drimmer’s situation, not all the Whites present at that moment must have had the same hierarchical viewpoint that their great grandparents had and cannot fully comprehend the dilemma that has been rising over the years. A two-track system would not only enable Whites to be conscious of their ancestor 's involvement and mistakes in Black history, but also broaden their mind to new ideas without feeling awkward or being judged harshly for being uninformed about the subject; results of a diverse environment. This method would also provide Blacks with the availability to speak more openly about their feelings, experiences, and ideas. As both races begin…

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