Bis245 Week 5 Lab - Er Diagram and Er Matrix/ Homework-Aid Essay

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BIS245 Week 5 Lab - ER Diagram and ER Matrix
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A. Lab # : BSBA BIS245A-5A
B. Lab 5A of 7 : Database design using Visio, and based on data requirements and business rules focusing on normalizing data to third normal form.
C. Lab Overview--Scenario/Summary:
2. Given a situation containing entities, business rules, and data requirements, create the conceptual model of the database using a database modeling tool.
You have been asked to create a database model using the MS Visio Database
Model Diagram Template. The purpose of this lab is to provide experience normalizing the database to third normal form based on limited instructions, data requirements, and associated
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Data in previous weeks was, to some extent, normalized for you. This week, it is not. An abbreviated list of the data requirements follows.
College Scheduling Data Requirements
Student ID
Student First Name
Student Last Name
Course Code
Course Name
Course Description
Course Credit Hours
Course Time
Course Days
Instructor ID
Instructor First Name
Instructor Last Name
Room Number
Room Capacity
b. Open the Word file in the Week 5 Lab Materials, Lab5A_ERMatrix.docx
c. Save the Word file as YourName_Lab5A_ERMatrix.
d. An ER Matrix helps define both the entities and the relationships between the entities. Using the partially completed ER Matrix below as a guide, complete the matrix.
Hint: You should end up with four entities.
1. List each entity both across and down.
2. Determine whether a relationship exists between entities and define that relationship with a verb phrase. (NOTE: The entity with the greatest number of related entities is usually the center of the ER diagram.)
3. Identify minimum (Optional or Mandatory) and maximum (only one, or one or more).Page 3 of 5
Student Course
Student none Enrolls in;
One or more Course Is taken by:
One or more none
e. Save the completed matrix to submit as part of your lab.
Step 2: Create the initial ERD based on the matrix.
a. Open a new blank Database Model Diagram in

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