Birth Order Influence On Personality

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There are many examples that show that birth order influences someone’s personality. Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung are three very famous philosophers who have theories on how people’s personalities are based on the order they are born in. Based on their theories, only children, youngest children, middle children, and oldest children all have different characteristics and personalities. Some of the characteristics that would alter, based on birth order could be: openness, social skills, sharing skills, intelligence, decision-making, etc.
Personally, in my family, everyone is similar in ways, but are also different in ways. Out of Paige, Pierce, and myself, I would say Paige is the most independent of the three, mainly due to the
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The only child some typically has to be the center of attention. The only child often tries to fit in with older groups such as their parents or older friends. They also prefer to use “adult language” (New Books). Only children are often spoiled too. Why wouldn’t their parents spoil them? Who else would they spend their money on? Due to the fact that only children don’t have any siblings, only children typically have poor social skills. They sometimes have a tough time opening up to other people and interacting with other people. from a parent 's perspective it tends to be the child they have the most difficult time parenting because it is their first child and they don’t have the experience. Since the only child has no other siblings, he/she often learn to be children on their own (The Dilemma). Only children can sometimes be loners, but at the same time they can be very social. Not all characteristics account for every only child. Some of them can be loners, and some of them can be extremely social. A family with only one child isn’t as popular as a family with multiple children, but only children are typically different than kids with …show more content…
The youngest child is the smothered child. They always have the attention on them and they are usually the most spoiled child of them all. The youngest children are typically the most competitive and aggressive due to the fact that they have been overshadowed by the older siblings at one point. They want to be bigger and better than the older siblings. Youngest children are actually treated like a younger age than the actually are. The youngest tends to isolate themselves, even though they are smothered with attention. They usually learn from the older siblings mistakes and makes sure that he/she doesn’t make that same mistake. The youngest child, or “the baby,” is always treated like a little kid, no matter what age they

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