Bipolar Disorder ( Bipolar ) Essay

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Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder otherwise known as, manic-depression illness of the brain that causes two different types of bipolar. According to which disorder, each has the opposite effects both includes; extreme mood swings highs and lows. Symptoms for Bipolar I or rather Manic Bipolar, are little need for sleep, constantly hyper, too talkative, and mind races. Other times one diagnosed with this disorder may feel extremely sad, empty, worthless, and unsure of one’s self. Bipolar disorder II, known as depressant bipolar, the person may feel an unbearable amount of sadness, worthless, need for more sleep; however, they are still able to obtain the “high” at times which would increase these moods cheerfulness, energetic, and feels as if they can do anything in the world (Bauer 11). About one in every seventy people in the United Stated is diagnosed with bipolar. It usually begins to first effect a person in adolescence or young adult hood (Miklowitz 260). Being bipolar does not mean that one is different just that the person’s brain is chemically unbalanced.
Scientifically broken down the cycling of the disorder is caused by interactions in the activity of receptors on the nerve cells along with, the breakdown of certain neurotransmitter, hormones, and other chemicals in the brain. Scientist has also founded that bipolar disorder is also hereditary by adoption studies. This study will show if the biological parent or sibling from the adoptee is ill even if he or she has…

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