Biological Theory That I Choose Essay

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Biological Theory that I choose is the neurobehavioral theory. Neurobehavioral theory is the interaction of the environment and the individuals neurological and the way they are established. Neurons that fire reinforce of the neurochemical bound that help function the body of what is next. Neural that are not used are eliminated and reduces the metabolic of the brain and body. According to this theory, drugs abusers are normal neurochemical balance to the nervous system because it involves a reward system. Neurobehavioral focus on the region of the bran that involves the memory formation. Drug abusers have a hard time with neurobehavioral because they do not know how to control their brain and think about the drug. The brain becomes less active because of the drugs that are being used.
Psychological theory that I choose is the Learning Theory. Learning theory focuses on how the individual has learned to engage in the abuse. Learning takes a place in social environment, social, biological and psychological that are issues. Social learning is a process an addition person will learn from friends. Ex. A new smoker needs to learn how to overcomes their body responds when smoking. At first the new smoker will notice that nicotine will give a reaction in their body by vomiting or feeling nauseas. Once the smoker has learned how to control their body they have establish and over learned the process of coping with the cigar. According to this theory, alcohol abuser and…

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