Biological Symptoms And Poor Cognition Essay examples

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Additionally, when a child or fetus is exposed to passive smoking, they are at risk of developing neurological symptoms and poor cognition. After birth, children are at greater risk for developing brain damage when exposed to passive smoking. For instance, serum cotinine was used as a bio marker to identify relationship between ETS and cognitive abilities. It was proven that there is decreased cognitive learning ability during the age of 6-16 from exposure as a fetus. According to the authors Yolton, Dietrich, Auinger, Lanphear, and Hornung (2005),

“Exposure to tobacco smoke products in utero was related to deficits in children’s abilities to use contextual cues and comprehension skills in understanding written passages…. reading was more seriously affected in the broad sense of understanding words in context rather than understanding individual words” (page 101).

While a child is in utero and exposed the environmental tobacco smoke, cognition is affected during childhood, because the brain was deprived from oxygen due toxic molecules from the cigarette. As already mentioned above nicotine narrows blood vessels and carbon monoxide prevents blood from carrying oxygen. Clean blood and oxygen is vital to brain development, however the toxic molecules from smoking such as nicotine and cotinine have been found to affect neurite growth and neuronal connections. Study conducted by Nicotine causes change in gene expression affecting the neurochemical signaling pathways says Eicher…

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