Essay about Biological, Sociological, And Psychological Theories

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Biological, Sociological, and Psychological Theories It is not secret that people are out committing crimes every day in the streets of our communities. Over the years there have been many theories developed in order to help understand why it is that people decide to take part in some of these criminal acts, while some people stand together and claim that this is a result of poor parenting and others arguing that it is due to the environment that the child is around. Regardless of one’s point of view, it is very clear that crimes are occurring and that biological, sociological, and psychological theories have been developed in an attempt to help understand why it is that some individuals take part in these crimes. There are many things that have to be looked at when discussing what brings an individual to do some of the crimes that they do. Some of these things are the following: family history, the individual’s environment, who is he or she hanging out with, and even if the individual may have been involved in some kind of domestic violence or perhaps been a victim of sexual assault. When looking at this it is important to remember that none of these are more important than the other when it comes to finding out what lead the individual to do the crimes they did. The reason being is no individual is motivated by the same exact thing; everyone’s story is different in some kind of way. To help make it easier to determine what may have led them to do these things there have…

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