Biological Criminal Behavior Essay

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Biological Criminal Behavior
The studies of biological behaviors have shown that criminals with a passion for their crime tend to have a genetic or physiological issue that plays a major part in their criminal activities. Gary Ridgway and John Hinckley Jr. portrayed significant degrees of physiological issues that may have contributed to the crimes they committed. Lack of education, moral support, love, and self-accomplishments may have also provided behaviors out of the norm. Criminal activities in any setting lead to the perpetrator acquiring feelings of self-gratification. Though studies are continuously, biological factors play major roles in the physiological outcomes for criminals.
There was a difference between Gary Ridgway and
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This murder became unsolved, and the authorities called her perpetrator the Green River killer. The killing spree went on for three years from 1982 through 1984. Victims of the murders were hitchhikers, runaways, and prostitutes aging from 12 to 31. Many had been left with fingernails clipped, most found nude. Some of the bodies had evidence of sexual abuse and other bodies did not. Some victims were left with cigarette butts, road maps, and food on their bodies. November 30, 2001 Ridgway was arrested for the murders. It took police several years to piece the information together with new technology and profiling the case. Ridgway confessed to killing 71 women and later confessed to 48 murders (Montaldo, n.d.). Much like John Hinckley Junior who led a life incapable of thinking about guilt or remorse for his actions so did Ridgway. He played into his character that stemmed from the need of his mother. Hinckley came from a wealthy family that had connections with former President Bush and came from a family that loved and cared for him. Hinckley was manipulative and new right from wrong but much as Ridgway in his mind it did not apply to him. Hinckley tried on several occasions to take his life, collected military weapons, and had a fascination with actor Jodie Foster because of the movie Taxi (John W. Hinckley, Jr., n.d.). Hinckley’s major crime was the

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