Bioinformatics Coursework- Report On Il2rg Essay

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Bioinformatics coursework- report on IL2RG
IL2RG (Interleukin 2 receptor, gamma) serves as a receptor for cytokines IL2, IL4, IL7, IL15 and IL21 (Brandt et al, 2007). The binding of IL2 regulates the activation, differentiation and proliferation of lymphatic cells through both positive and negative feedback loops. It prevents autoimmune diseases during the maturation of T cells, as well as playing a key role in cell-mediated immunity (Liao et al, 2011).
The IL2RG gene is located on the chromosome X: 71,107,404-71,112,108 and the chromosome band is q13.1. The structure of the IL2RG-004 transcript contains 8 coding exons and 369 residues when translated (Flicek et al, 2014).The sequence of the translated protein is shown below:
>ENST00000374202 peptide: ENSP00000363318

IL2RG belongs to the class I helical cytokine receptor family (Brocker et al, 2010). Within the family, limited lineage-specific diversification has occurred after the period when the majority of diversification occurred between approximately 794 million years ago (MYA) to 476 MYA (Liongue & Ward, 2007). Both the conserved cysteines…

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