Essay about Biography Of Pablo Neruda 's Poetry

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Through the interactive oral presentations, I have learned many things about Pablo Neruda. Because of the presentations, I have learned many things about his life and how his choices in life affected how he wrote his poem. Pablo Neruda was a diplomat poet in 1927. He was involved in the literary movement and the president of the Athenaeum Literary. He was also against fascism and believed in European culture. Growing up, he had no biological siblings but only half siblings. He grew up without a mother since she had died on the day of his birth. During the presentation, it was discussed that he had three wives, and out of them three he had one daughter. This daughter however, happens to die at a young age. From her death, we see how it affected Neruda and how he writes his poems. As discussed, Neruda’s poems clearly constantly talk about loneliness and depression specifically towards death Through death of Neruda’s daughter, it had given him the feeling of guilt. Her death had made it seem as if he was a useless father who could not provide any love for his daughter. An example poem that was given from the presentation was “Ode with a Lament”. This was a poem Neruda wrote in dedication for his daughter’s death. In the poem, he shows his guilt when saying he had nothing to give her “…but fingernails or eyelashes…” (lines 5-6) referring to the only thing he had given her was life. He expresses his regret not giving her “dreams that bubble up from my heart,”…

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