Biography Of Aparna Krishnaswamy Has Been My Good Friend For Seven Years

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Aparna Krishnaswamy has been my good friend for seven years and is an amazing young lady. She has works hard in school and aims to never waste an opportunity. Currently, she is a Junior at the University of Denver and is experiencing her Fall semester in London. Yet, she spent her whole life in Colorado. Unlike her parents who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s from India. Aparna is a first generation can clearly speak of how her multi-cultural life impacts her experiences. Aparna’s parents are both 100% India decided to emigrate to the United States in search of better opportunities. India is a country where opportunities were limited so her parents explained that their primary motive of moving was her dad receiving a good job in Dallas, Texas in 1982. Smith (2006) states that “Family members are encouraged to operate autonomously, even to establish lives apart from the families of origin to pursue their education or employment” (Smith,2006,p.4). Although, her mom did not join until 1984. Her uncle had immigrated to America a couple years before her dad, and had agreed to help him adjust to the new lifestyle that America offered. They also wanted to raise their children in a country that provided more opportunities than India. Yet her mom says that the largest disadvantage she had in terms of immigration policies was her inability to find a job without becoming a citizen. Back in India, she had just been offered a high position in a newspaper company,which was…

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