Bioethics And Moral Theories Of Morality Essay example

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Bioethics and Moral Theories

When it comes to morality there are different theories that can lead to what drives and creates morality. Yet, the question that all theorists try to find the correct answer to is what morality is?

The theories that were discussed in chapter 2 gave off the impression that each theory that has ever existed and will exist will be contradicted. Although each theory gave a precise explanation, each theory was based on every theorists own opinion and belief. For every act or motive there is a reason, and any action that would take place would be deemed as unethical. However the different theories and explanations that were described the similarity for each theory was based off their own idea of what morality is. In Kantian Ethics, Immanuel Kant belief was morality is solely based on duty alone. Kant states that in Kantian Ethics “our actions have logical implications, they imply general rules or maxims of conduct”, if that is true that the idea of saving a life would be based on the criteria just because it is out of duty! To even care for a child because you are obligated to because it is considered to be “your duty”. However, Kant’s Kantian Ethics goes into explanation to theorize that “each person deserves the same measure of respect as any other”, for morality is based on rules and duty and to treat others with the same respect you would want in return and not treat them “as nothing but a means”.

When it comes to Aquinas’ Nature Law Theory…

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