Bioethical Principles Of Euthanasia

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Throughout this paper the four bioethical principles will be discussed on the issue of mercy killings, more commonly known as euthanasia. When talking about the rights and the wrongs of legalizing euthanasia across America. We know about the becoming laws in America on legalizing euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, but what are the laws in other countries? Do they follow similar laws as America or has it been legalized? Is it morally correct to legally allow someone to end their own life even if they are suffering? Should a person who is suffering as for the help of a physician to commit suicide? Is so, should the physician agree to help the person or should they have the authority to say no? The example given is Dr. Jack Kevorkian; he was the famous pathologist that helped over 130 people commit suicide. However, what is the family reaction to one committing suicide by euthanasia or physician assistance. Do they agree or disagree with the persons’ choice? Lastly, how are the patients treated throughout the process? Most people are against others openly killing themselves and look down upon those who think about killing themselves.
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If a person has cancer or is suffering a painful end of life illness, they should have the choice if they want to end their life or not. People need to consider the feelings of the patient and respect their end of life decisions. Although, there are some questions as the person looking in from the outside should keep in mind. However, isn’t legalizing euthanasia and physician assisted suicide giving other people freedom to end another person’s life? Is it morally correct to let a person in agonizing pain to suffer? Is it morally right letting a person kill themselves by euthanasia? If euthanasia is legalized will it make it easier for people to commit suicide by

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