Bulimia Nervosa Killer

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The killer inside your head
Eating disorders are becoming a huge problem in our generation, that is taking people 's lives way too early, through the acts of eating less or way too much. The most prevalent types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, binge eating, and bulimia nervosa
Eating disorders are usually caused by the distorted image of one 's body, they see themselves as overweight and not like the perfect super model. There 's a variety of eating disorders, for example Anorexia is a huge fear of weight gain and those people are clearly way to underweight.Binge eating disorders consumptions of large amounts of food. They have a strong shame of what they do.Comes to a point to where they can 't control when of what they 're eating,
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According to Eating Disorder Hope, 3.9 percent cases of bulimia nervosa result in death but out of the cases six percent are treated. The reason why people perform purging is because they can obtain the ideal slim image but fail to realize that they’re damaging their body. Over a period of time people can start experiencing fainting, headaches, or dizziness because the short amount of intake of supplements in their body. Binge eating is involved with bulimia nervosa because people secretly binge high calorie foods but the difference between binge eating and bulimia nervosa is that patients with bulimia nervosa force themselves to vomit by reason of feeling guilty for what they have consumed. Depression plays a major role with bulimia nervosa for the reason of that people aren’t satisfied with their figure. Depression isn’t the factor that bulimia nervosa patients face, patients also have the chance of having body injuries, heat stroke, and dehydration because of the excessive amount of exercise performed to lose weight (Cherney). Bulimia nervosa has a possibility of it being genetic or it can be influenced by a family member within the household. Yet females are most likely to developing eating disorders fifteen percent of bulimia nervosa are males which is harder to cure because men are less likely to realize the symptoms that follow it and are less open for the help of receiving

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