Bill Of Rights Importance

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The Bill of Rights, powerful, commanding and potent are the first ten amendments as well as the most critical components to the United States Constitution. Written by James Madison, and established in 1791, the Bill of Rights are still in place to this day and have an impact on the everyday lives of Americans. The Bill of Rights was pushed by Founding Fathers who believed the Constitution was not protecting the basic principles of human liberty. This being said, the Bill of Rights was the most influential document in United States history because of the freedom it gave to citizens, how it affected the people after the document was published, and how each amendment set a guideline to how citizens should be treated. Freedom was given to the citizens when the Bill of Rights was passed in 1791. This was a key point to the early success of American history. America had a very hard time with freedom leading up to this point. King George III, the King of England when America was colonizing as well as during the Revolutionary War, the fight to freedom. King George III, had strict policies and was very unruly and unjust. American citizens had the Bill of Rights added due what had previously occurred with the unjust monarchy in …show more content…
Freedom of speech gives people the right to speak ideas freely, criticize the government, sometimes say distasteful, unpopular things, and criticize public policy. However, freedom of speech is not absolute and has certain limitations. One component of these limitations is the imminent lawless action test which states that if a speaker’s intent is to incite a violation of the law that is both imminent and likely, that speech is not protected under the first amendment. There are other limitations such as obscenity, child pornography laws and regulation of commercial speech. An example of commercial speech regulation would be

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