Bilingual Speakers Have A Cognitive Advantage Essay

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Language serves as a means of communication for the human race as well as nonhumans. Language can be either verbal or nonverbal and consist of gestures or some type of body language. Animals too have their own form of communication or language. In this paper, I will discuss how bilingual speakers have a cognitive advantage because speaking two or more languages can benefit executive functions. How body language can convey more than words because gestures and nonverbal clues are harder to disguise than words. Lastly, I will discuss how many animals have language and that they use this to communicate. My reasoning for choosing these three topics is because I have always has a fascination with language both verbal and nonverbal. In addition, since I am a Spanish major, I wanted to see the psychological advantages of language. Research shows that individual who are bilingual have both cognitive advantages and disadvantages. As far as the advantages, bilinguals demonstrate superior performance on nonverbal tasks of executive functions (Pelham & Abrams, 2013, p. 313). In the experiment mention in the article, individuals were separated into groups of early bilinguals, which consisted of those who were fluent in a second language by the age of seven. The second groups of individuals were late bilinguals or those who learned and became fluent in a second language later than seven years of age. In this study, bilinguals have shown an activation in the anterior cingulate cortex,…

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