Bilingual Immersion And Developmental Bilingual Education Essay

1030 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
The United States is a country made up of many different racial groups, with White Americans being the largest and Hispanic and Latino Americans being the second largest. Due to the increasing amount of Hispanics and Latinos immigrating to the U.S., I feel as though the U.S. needs to enforce the Spanish language into education, along with the English language. Allowing students to learn Spanish at a younger age will allow them to become proficient in both English and Spanish. In order to enforce bilingual education programs, certain reforms will have to take place. Innovative models such as dual language, bilingual immersion and developmental bilingual education could be enforced to help students learn Spanish. These programs are designed to help students, from grades K-12, learn another language efficiently. For example, immersion is a commitment to bilingual schooling in which students are instructed ninety percent of the school day during Kindergarten and first grade in the minority language chosen for the program, and ten percent of the day in the majority language (Thomas 443). Having this or a similar program could help Americans develop their skills in Spanish.
Some Americans would like to argue about students having learning problems with a foreign language. I’d just like to say that Hispanic and Latino students have already been experiencing learning problems with English. So if native English speakers are having trouble learning Spanish, then they won’t be the…

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