Bilingual Children : Learning A New Language Essay

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Second language question: Bilingual Children Age plays a significant role in learning a new language. It is not easy to learn a new language for adults. There are many difficulties and obstacles facing those who want to learn a new language. Languages differ from each other, the most important way of reading and grammar. Learning a new language like a child at the beginning of learning to speak. According the essay “Literacy: A Lineage”, by Melanie Luken, who was a French and English major at the Ohio State University “Studying a foreign language can, at times, be just like learning how to read and write as a child”(135). This statement made me wonder is it possible to be adults and children have the same capacity to learn a new language? Began to learn English like any kid, I learned when I was 12 years old. I started studying English letters and numbers in the last year of primary school. For seven years of my studies of the English language, everything like what has not changed, the curriculum in Saudi Arabia repeat the same lessons for the English course. I felt happy when I got the scholarship to the United State. I began to prepare for study abroad and I had to know the community and its culture before starting the study. I have encountered many obstacles and difficulties in learning the new language. I began to delve deeper into learning the language and thought I have to accompany with the Americans in order to help my language to develop to the best. In the process…

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