Big Corporations And Its Impact On Society Essay

1536 Words Jan 11th, 2015 7 Pages
Large corporations are an economic, political, conservational, and traditional force that is unavoidable in today’s globalized world. Large corporations have an impact on the lives of billions of people every day, often in complex ways. Some people perceive the dominance of global corporations as a positive force, bringing economic growth, more jobs, and quality products to an escalating portion of the world’s population. Many others view large firms as exploiting workers, dominating the public policy process, damaging the natural environment, and belittling cultural values. One thing is for certain – global corporations are an inevitable existence in today’s world and will be so for the foreseeable future. Corporations are inescapable in today’s developing world, they might be helpful but when they become unreasonably large, and focused in rapports of possessions and riches, they become stimulators of undesirable change.
One of the main threats imposed are the crimes carried out by these corporations in order to exist. Talking about crime, many think of the violations of law caused by people, some of which are terrible. On the other hand, almost rarely talked about is the level of crime caused by corporations. Such crime consist of avoidance of taxes, deceit, disregarding environmental guidelines, being disrespectful of labor rights, supporting military and additional unjust systems to end opposition from employees, as well as violent wrong doing against workers, and so…

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