Essay about Big Brother Controls People 's Thoughts And Beliefs

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The feeling of someone constantly watching and controlling you is prevalent in the city. With the use of technologies such as telescreens, and mics, Big Brother is able to watch each and every single move of his citizens. Big Brother controls people’s thoughts and beliefs, through what is called speakwrite, by constantly changing, and rewriting history. The technologies the party uses to control its citizens are the telescreens, microphones, Ministry of Love, and speakwrite.
Telescreens are one way The Party uses to keep an eye on its citizens. Mr. Charrington rents a room to Winston and Julia above his shop, which has a hidden telescreen that both Winston and Julia have no clue about. The Party not only watches them at home, but also in places where there is no privacy which everyone knows about. It monitors each person’s actions and speech, controlling every movement of the person because The Party is watching is watching them at all times. In the novel it says, “So long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard”. (Orwell 4) Telescreens are everywhere, there is absolutely no escape of Big Brother’s eye. Everyone except the proles, who are people of the lower class which The Party does not see as a threat, must have a telescreen in their homes, and cannot be turned off. This makes sure that no one is trying to rebel against The Party. Telescreens are not only used to monitor people’s lives but also for…

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