Beyond Skin Deep : Racism And Bigotry Essay

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Beyond Skin Deep
Racism and bigotry are behaviors evidently learned through submersion within a society polarized by ones difference in skin pigmentation. Abundant throughout our history and highly prevalent in our current society, conflicts between different cultural and ethnic groups have created a divide amongst citizens in the United States. Ironically speaking, from a scientific perspective, race amongst the human species is invalid and merely a construct of the human imagination. The role of every poet is to share his feelings and inner thoughts with the readers, this practice can be found in the works of Langston Hughes ' "Theme for English B", Robert Hayden 's "Frederick Douglass", and versus within J.Cole 's "Be Free".
In the poem "Theme for English B" Langston Hughes highlights innate differences amongst people to illustrate the idea that as a whole we are more alike than different and that ones racial background should not supersede ones humanity. Being an African American poet, the themes of race, racism, and social injustices, were more than familiar to him. In this poem he criticizes those who see race as the determining feature of human character, and rather attempts to persuade otherwise through his own anecdote of discovering where he fits in his divided society. It is evident Hughes emphasizes the importance of human coherence despite their outer disparities (e.g. race, age, sex, social status etc). Continuing in this sense the implications provided in this…

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