Betty Bivins Edwards : A Well Known Artist Out Of Macon, Georgia

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Betty Bivins Edwards’ is a well-known Artist out of Macon, Georgia. Ms. Edwards’ started painting with watercolors in the 1970s. However, during a visit to Oxford, England while studying medieval art, she experienced an inspirational moment that defined her future to become an artist. After visiting the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georgia and looking at the different paintings and potteries that were on display at the museum, two particular pictures caught my attention that was painted by an Artist who is known as Betty Bivins Edwards’.
The name of the painting is how the arts saved Macon, which was painted by Ms. Betty Edwards’ in 2014. Also, the medium that was used for her extraordinary painting was acrylic paint on canvas, and the scale of this magnificent piece of art was 78” w x 54” h (Edwards’, 2014). Ms. Edwards’ painting caught my attention because of the beauty she displayed of the city of Macon, in addition to the many shades of acrylic paint that she used in her painting and how she captured the many events that take place in Macon. Also, the different shapes of buildings the artist painted of how the arts saved Macon. Moreover, I believe the message that Ms. Edwards’ conveyed to all those that view her canvas of Macon, Georgia, is the beauty of Macon and all that it has to offer from the countless events that take place yearly to the beautiful flowers that are in South Georgia to the historical buildings as well.
Moreover, the cultural message…

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