Essay on Beowulf : Modern Day Issues And Personal Life

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I. Introduction.
An old English Poem Beowulf has important impact on literature and mythology. This paper will present Beowulf myth analysis in the following orders. First the historical context will be discussed based on three major events and will be followed by world view which will present the relationship of the societies to each other’s, nature, and supernatural God. Psychological context will discusses five main stages of Beowulf transformation to become a hero based on steps of hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell. Finally, the cotemporary context tries to relate and discusses the myth to the modern day issues and personal life.
II. Historical View
Beowulf is an important historical piece of literature for the Norse culture. The following three events from this epic poem will be analyzed to see their significance to the value and culture of Norse society at that specific time.
A. The event of Beowulf sailing from Geatlands to Daneland to help Hrothgar.
This event reflects there were a friendship and a partnership among different kings. On section VI of the poem, when Hrothgar spoke about Beowulf, “I knew him as a child. His father of old was named Ecgtheow; to him Hrethel the Geat at his home gave his only daughter,” indicates that there was a relationship between the Danes and Geets kings long before Beowulf decided to sail to Scyldings.
B. The ceremony at the mead house and the coming of the Grendel. The mead hall was the icon and the symbol to the Norse culture.…

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