Beowulf, A Pagan Or Christian Poem Essay

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Beowulf, a Pagan or Christian Poem Prose, riddles, poetry, and proverbs can all be found in Old English Literature, as well as a mixture of Christian and pagan traditions and influences. One such an example would be, Beowulf, the epic long poem whose title character displays heroism and generosity. In this paper, I will explain how Christian values have been woven throughout the poem and mixed with Germanic hero values. Secondly, I will explain the long standing debate of whether or not Beowulf can be considered a Christian or pagan epic. I will compare the elegiac themes in the Wanderer and Beowulf and how they were heavily influenced by the Anglo-Saxons. In conclusion, I will discuss how Beowulf is still relevant today. Beowulf is the longest epic poem in Old English, which was the language spoken in Anglo-Saxon England before the Norman Conquest. This epic long poem contains Christian and pagan references, as the poet may have drawn inspiration from a pagan past and the current Christian expansion during the time in which it was written. The Germanic heroic code, which is evident throughout the poem, is a central guiding force for Beowulf.
…The Anglo-Saxons were one of the Germanic tribes who invaded England, they were people who had their own language, values and culture. In the Anglo-Saxon adventurous and popular legend Beowulf, the valiant Beowulf is known to be the Superman during the Anglo-Saxon period. In Anglo-Saxon culture and literatures, the characteristics…

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