Why Is Beowulf An Epic Hero

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Register to read the introduction… Instead he was a stereotypical hero who was believed that he was a mighty, bold hero in the story. The true definition of a hero is someone who has outstanding abilities, strength, and distinguished courage, which was what Beowulf held but did not portray very well. Although, Beowulf fitted in with the Anglo Saxon time period “hero”, the protagonist was over appreciated for his victories. Heaney lacks in describing how Beowulf was just like every ordinary individual who was just in for the title and praise not so much as a hero. With Beowulf given so much praise, he had taken it for granted by saying he is a “hero” and soon becomes an overconfident and arrogant individual throughout the beginning of the story until his death.
Why was Beowulf considered an epic hero? Mainly due to all of
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Why is Beowulf a true hero? Many individuals believe that Beowulf has stayed a true example of an epic hero. Daniel Anzelark the author of the article “The Origins of Beowulf” took the time to research with any given evidence if Beowulf was a “true hero of his work” (337). He finds evidence by asking scholars what they believed of Beowulf’s courage. One believed that he is a true hero and another saying that they can easily argue about believing he was a failure of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Although, in Anzelark’s article Beowulf is said to be an “ambivalent monument to the Merican king Beornwulf” (338) he does not portray his duties in the way that a hero should. With this at hand this advances the argument of Beowulf making many non-heroic gestures throughout the story. The article shows that the story Beowulf translated needs some advancement in its method to prove that the individuals who believe Beowulf was a true hero are mistakenly

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