Essay on Benito Mussolini Was A Clever Man

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Benito Mussolini was a clever man. Prior to 1922, he used the post war crisis to his advantage. He provided the illusion that fascism was the way forward and a way to eradicate the country of socialism . The people of Italy saw it as a means to end the economic, social and political turmoil they were facing . The political ideology and mass movement of fascism dominated Italy. It included extreme militaristic nationalism, political and cultural liberalism. They stood for social unity and believed in natural social hierarchies. However, for the benefit of this essay, the political and social changes introduced by Mussolini after his appointment will be analysed in order to discover how radical they were.
Mussolini became Prime Minister in 1922. His aim was to make Italy great, feared and respected. He embarked on the construction of fascist dictatorship . In July 1923, surrounded by Blackshirts, the Chamber of deputies passed the Acerbo Law. This enabled the party that gained the most votes in an election to take two-thirds of the seats, if they obtained at least 25% of votes . However, violence orchestrated by Mussolini’s thugs in the lead up to the election caused a stir amongst the opposition. Giacomo Matteotti was very outspoken and soon after voicing his discontent, he was murdered. The fascists were exposed as the culprits, which weakened Mussolini’s government. Martin Blinkhorn argues that Mussolini then became a dictator as he was under pressure from the fascist…

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