Benefits Of Visiting A Historic Site Essay

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Historical sites are locations where a country’s, community or people cultural, social, political and military history is preserved. The things are mostly preserved for their cultural heritage value, which in most cases is irreplaceable once lost. To effectively preserve the information for future generations, historical sites in most countries are normally protected by law. The sites are normally open for visits, people coming leaving with a wealth of information about the history of the place and an awesome feeling of reliving the past in the present.
According to Adams (2003), visiting historic sites can be a rewarding as an academic and recreation event. Proper preparation is therefore mandatory if one is to fully exploit the benefits of visiting a historic site. Preparing enables one to plan for the activities to be done during the visit so as to achieve the objectives of the particular visit to the site. Preparation also enables one anticipate all the possible challenges likely to be faced during the field event and prepare for them adequately. When planning my visit to the Old Stone Fort State Park, Manchester, Tennessee, I did several things to prepare for the event. First, I searched for information about the park from the internet. This enabled me to know the kind of information I am likely to get the park. The search pointed me towards Native Americans. This made me look for information about Native Americans that lived in the area so as to relate the…

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