Benefits Of Religion On Health Essay examples

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Ever since I was three years old, my family and I regularly attended church. Even when I was little, I truly believed in God and viewed church not only for social gathering, but also a place for psychological support. People fast and pray for days to be sincere and in hope that their prayers may be answered. There are so much that people gain by praying. One popular prayer topic has always been health or long life. According to O 'Connor 's study, where 47% of study subjects prayed for their health, 90% of them believed prayer improved their health. Religious people are healthier than their unbelieving neighbors (National Institute for Health Care Research). There are so much evidence of benefits that religion has on health. According to a study by the research psychiatrist Daniel Larson, "people of faith consistently exhibit higher levels of mental, physical, and relational wellness." He found that 92 percent of the researches done to test the effect of religion on health, religious subjects produced a beneficial effect and lived longer than non-religious. He also found that "smokers who were not religious were seven times more likely to have elevated blood pressure than those who said religion was important." In a study by The American Journal of Psychiatry, where elderly women hospitalized with broken hips were studied, "those who were religiously committed were less depressed, had shorter hospital stays, and could walk farther at the time of discharge than those who…

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